Host's Roasts: Modern Standard Fazenda Santa Lucia

A smooth mellow yellow, delicate blend. Soft and creamy with orange, milk chocolate, hazelnut and almond. Absolutely delicious.

Modern Standard Fazenda Santa Lucia

Origin: Fazenda Santa Lucia in Sul de Minas, Gerais, Brazil
Varietal: Acacia
Taste: Hint of Jaffa cake

Tone: Pantone 725 C
102* – About the same as Sweet Home Alabama by Leonard Skinner

Packaging verdict: We’re big fans of the gold-foil bag, the sunrise motif and the bold, 1920s inspired ‘M’. We don’t know if the designers were going for a sort-of ‘Aztec obelisk meets Bauhaus metro station’, but we like it. We think the batch sticker could have been a bit more considered, but we’re just being picky.

*Host’s unique algorithm for measuring how effective the coffee is. This score is calculated simply by measuring Matt's heart rate after drinking a cup. The higher the score the better the coffee.

All the coffee we review is coarse ground and brewed in a cafetiere - in our opinion the best way to make coffee. Our method is always the same: add a small amount of hot water (approx 93°C) first to allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds, then adding the rest of the water and letting the coffee steep for 4 minutes exactly.